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The following item has nothing at all to do with heavy metal.  Instead, it is a (fairly well-mannered, considering my slow-burning rage) complaint email sent to Blockbuster, in regards to the myriad problems I’ve been having lately with their ‘movies by mail’ service.

Wars are warring, floods are flooding; assholes (read: me) need distractions (read: shlocky television shows).



So, what’s up?  In general, the Blockbuster by Mail service is excellent, but lately, I’ve been having all kinds of trouble with my account, and with my rental queue in particular.  One of the most recent bits of confusion, as you can see from what’s currently rented out to me, is that instead of sending me the second disc in the unbroken-up television series I was watching (X-Files), you instead sent me the first disc of the next television series in my queue (It’s Always Sunny…).  Now, if maybe either of those were especially hot titles, I could understand shipping them out of order based on availability, but EVERY SINGLE DISC of both series has been listed as ‘Available’ the entire time.  Nor is this the first time this has happened with my queue, where I will have lined up all my desired titles in a nice, neat single file line, only to find them thrown into discord and disarray by being shipped all out of order, even though your humble website continues to display the items in my queue in my desired order.

So, whatever; mistakes happen.  I get it.  But then, after sending back the first disc of X-Files, and being relieved to see that you deigned to send me the second disc of X-Files, what should happen?  Well, I receive the disc, and notice two (2) significant problems:

1) Instead of being disc two of the third season of X-Files, the disc contained within is disc five (5!) of the second (!) season of X-Files.  Odd, no?

2) Problem #2: That disc is not only incredibly wrong, but it is quite literally split in two, with a complete fracture running all the way from the center to the edge of the disc.

So, just prior to writing this email, I’ve used your online problem reporting system to report the complaint about the X-Files disc (though, to note, when several things are wrong, it might be nice to be able to report them both), and have (some) faith that I will be sent a non-smashed copy of the correct disc.  Still, this level of “whoops!” combined with the serious problems with keeping the queue in order over the past few months does not inspire great confidence in your system.

I would really prefer to be able to keep many things in my queue at once and have them shipped in the order in which I have placed them.  If the alternative is to only keep one thing in there so that your distribution center is forced to send me the right disc, then so be it, but you should probably discontinue all the pestering, nagging website/email reminders to add more things to my queue.

It’s a rough business these days, running a viable media/entertainment thing, what with, well, the Internet and all.  I’ve been quite pleased with the Blockbuster service in general, but lately, as you can see from this voluminous message, things have been rather abysmal.  Here’s to hoping they are just temporary kinks to be worked out.

To whomever may be reading this, whether human or a computer algorithm that’s been well-trained to separate the SERIOUSLY miffed from the casually annoyed: I know it’s not your fault.  But seriously: What’s up?

[Spinal Tapdance]


If anyone cares, will keep apprised of the situation.  Am particularly interested to see how Blockbuster’s customer service robot has been trained to respond.  Will see if it has been programmed with Asimov’s robotics commandments.

Good night, and good luck.

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