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Forgive me, friends, just a brief indulgence into the realm of self-promotion.  If you’re not following me on Twitter (@SpinalTapdance, for the record), then you may have missed the news that in addition to my role as sole curator and writer for Spinal Tapdance, I will now be joining the team of learnèd scribes over at MetalReview.  Exciting times we live in, you and I.  In fact, not only have I joined the team, but my first three reviews are currently up, which I highly recommend for their erudition, cussing, and all-around me-ness.  They are as follows (with links, conveniently!):

1.  Dukatalon – Saved By Fear

This is loads better than the original album art (see M-A for proof)

2.  Disiplin – Radikale Randgruppe

Who doesn't love a bit of flirtatious fascism?

3.  Royal Thunder – Royal Thunder (EP)

A nice Star of Antlers for your post-Hannukkah merriment


If you’re feeling entirely too lazy to be bothered to go and read the damn things, I can summarize them for you like so: 1. Mostly ‘meh’; 2. Impressively ear-damaging; and 3. Daaaaaaamn! But, y’know, maybe check out the real things for all the witty wordplay and exhausting verbiage you’ve come to know and love despise deal with.

Another friendly reminder from me to you: Spinal Tapdance is also up on Facebook, so why not come find us, friend us, stalk us?

Thanks for your time, and make sure to check this space tomorrow, when the first installment of Spinal Tapdance’s Top 30 Metal Albums of 2010 goes live with albums #30 through #21.  Don’t miss it!  Or, y’know, do.  Whatever.
– dhok

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