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Song of the day: “The Blood,” by The Cure, from The Head on the Door.  This brilliantly mopey goth-fest (well, shit, this IS The “Baths Only” Cure, after all) features some supremely tasty flamenco guitar strumming, and some odd flute-y/keyboard riff on a vaguely Middle Eastern-sounding scale.  I’m also digging this song today because the flamenco bits remind me of one of my absolute favorite Keep Of Kalessin tracks, “The Black Uncharted,” from their excellent Armada album.  The KoK track breaks down into a flamenco section about midway through before building back up to melodic widdling and black metal bashing, and, paired with the track which precedes it, “Crown of the Kings,” forms a phenomenal one-two gut punch.  So, way to go, Robert Smith & Co., for putting me in mind of blasting Norwegian metal (though, in all fairness, many things put me in such a mind…).

How is this...

...like this?

Album of the day: Krisiun, Black Force Domain (1995).

Imagine this album punching you in the face for five weeks

Completely face-melting debut by these three Brazilian brothers offers up twisted, ugly, juddering, bruising death metal.  The drums clatter along like loose wheels about ready to derail a freight train carrying molten lava to the center of the blighted earth, and the delicious twinned guitar leads and solos thrash about to rise above the perfectly dank production, only to collapse back in upon themselves.  These dudes have gotten boatloads more precise and well-produced in the past decade and a half, but this is my go-to record for Brazilian brutality (Sepultura who?).  Death to false metal, &c., &c.

Made up genre of the day: Malaisecore.  This would be, like, what?  Maybe an exceptionally lazy offspring of grunge and hardcore?  Sonic Youth without any chops?  Texas Is The Reason?  Ball-less nonsense that stomps on and on and goes nowhere, basically begging to be euthanized?  Oh, shit, nevermind, that’s already a genre – allow me to present for your consideration Nickelback, paragons of malaisecore since 1996.

For real made up genre of the day, then: Sun Tzu’s The Art of War Metal.  Let’s get on this one, folks; seems like we need to open some diplomatic channels between China and Canada (Blasphemy, Conqueror, Revenge, etc.) all up in here.


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