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Alright, you heartless metal bastards, this morning I’m asking you to please take five minutes out of your otherwise busy schedule of chortling at this here ridiculously awkward photo op (courtesy of MetalSucks) from thrash’s Big Four or suffering quick-onset carpal tunnel from trying to learn your favorite Necrophagist tune to watch this live video of England’s own Anathema performing the magnificent song “Everything” from their latest album, the long-awaited (and much-delayed) We’re Here Because We’re Here:

If you’ve got even the littlest sliver of a soul, I expect after you’ve finished dabbing your eyes that you’ll march straight off to order your very own copy of this wonderfully emotive record.  I expect I’ll have a right proper review of the album posted here eventually, but suffice it to say, it’s fucking epic and completely beautiful.  How’s about a US tour one of these days, lads (and lady)?

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