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Seidr, For Winter Fire (2011)

A haunting woodland chapel

My review of the fantastic debut album from Louisville, Kentucky’s Seidr (a project affiliated with the excellent black metal project Panopticon) is up now at MetalReviewFor Winter Fire is both towering and delicate, and is out now on The Flenser.

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Sonne Adam, Transformation (2011)

A gorgeously dark vista

My review of the debut album from Israel’s Sonne Adam is up now at MetalReview.  Popular (underground) consensus seems to be with Necros Christos, but I’ll take Sonne Adam’s more compact and infinitely less dull take on the style any day.  Transformation is out now on Century Media Records.

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The Konsortium, The Konsortium (2011)

Spooky, no?

My review of the self-titled debut from new Norwegian black metal weirdos The Konsortium is up now at MetalReviewThe Konsortium is out now on Agonia Records.

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Satan’s Host, By The Hands Of The Devil (2011)

All ass-kicking, every day of the damn week

My review of the latest (and truly scorching) album from Satan’s Host is up now over at MetalReview.  Slightly dodgy cover of “Norwegian Wood” aside, this is a fierce and furiously fun record.  By The Hands Of The Devil is out now on Moribund Records.

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The Living Fields, Running Out Of Daylight (2011)

A Gallilean Fancy

I’ve been wickedly bad about posting links to recent reviews lately, so here I aim to rectify that.  My review of the latest album from Chicago’s difficult-to-classify heady metallers The Living Fields is up now at MetalReview.  I still haven’t consented to loving it, but I do have quite a bit of respect for the band’s unique approach.  Running Out Of Daylight is out now on Candlelight Records.

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Rudra, Brahmavidya: Immortal I (2011)


My review of the latest album from Singaporean squad Rudra is up now at MetalReviewBrahmavidya: Immortal I is the concluding album in a trilogy, and while it buzzes along neatly enough, the band has truncated much of what made them so distinctive on previous albums.

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Elitist, Fear In A Handful Of Dust (2011)

Only black and white is real

My review of the debut album by Portland, Oregon’s Elitist is up now at MetalReviewFear in a Handful of Dust is a leering, toothless grin of an album, sure to frighten your neighbors and give you a headache in all the right ways.  The album is out now on Season Of Mist, which, we are pleased to report, seems to be doing an admirable job of overcompensating for a certain recent, uh, morbid debacle.

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