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Totally twisted and wonderful avant-garde metal/dark rock

Norwegian weirdo rockers Virus released one of 2008’s best albums with The Black Flux, so you can imagine my surprise (and delight) when they put out an announcement late last week that they have already recorded (and are soon to begin mixing) a follow-up, which is to be called The Agent That Shapes The Desert:

You know you want to hear this

The thing is, Virus are no longer with Season Of Mist, and are thus looking to get this bad boy released on their own label.  To help finance the costs of studio time and promotion, the band is offering a number of different pre-order packages, including a regular CD, regular LP, t-shirt, and a limited-to-250-pieces package including the album on both CD and hand-numbered signed LP, plus t-shirt and an exclusive 7″ EP.

So, if you or anyone you know is into this enchantingly dark and bizarre music from some of the folks who brought you Ved Buens Ende and Dødheimsgard, don’t miss the opportunity to play financier.  I’m sure you, your cousin, your grandmother, and your grandmother’s dog all have a sense that the record industry is fucked and getting fucked-er, so if you like what these folks are up to, why not see what we can do to push forward with alternate business models?

See full details on how to reserve your pre-order packages, along with the full statement from Virus dudes Czral and Einz here at Duplicate Records (make sure to scroll down a bit on the page, as it’s just black background at the top).

And while you’re waiting, check out this video clip for the song “Lost Peacocks” from 2008’s The Black Flux:

Tasty, no?

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