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I don’t really have a lot to say about this, except to remind myself (and you) that this song, and this album, and this band, are absolutely fucking crushing.  The song is “Merrimack,” the album is last year’s Winter Hours, and the band is Tombs.  Dark, emotional, intense music shot through with an unstoppable momentum and a thrilling melodic mastery.  Can’t really be categorized, either, except as a) metal (though, curiously, Metal-Archives disagrees) and b) better than you or me.

This was really just occasioned by listening to the demo versions of some of the songs from Winter Hours as presented on the just-released compilation Fear Is The Weapon, which is out now and available only through Relapse’s mailorder.   I intended to have something interesting or thoughtful to say, but the massive sound of even the demo version of this song swallowed me whole and has left me gasping, reeling.  Yearning.

If there is strength to be found in deliberately, single-mindedly melancholy art, then listen well and get yourself healed.

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